Why hire our 24hrs Air-con Repair Handyman?

Is your air conditioning unit giving you problems? If it isn’t working as well as it used to, don’t try to avert the costs of maintenance and hope they will magically go away. By hiring Handyman Singapore air-con repair services, you can take advantage of our 24hrs repair services and get your cooling system working perfectly in no time.

They will come to your home with the necessary tools and equipment, spot the problems in your air conditioner, perform the required repairs, and get it working in no time! However, to ensure you get the high quality service you are looking for, it’s extremely important that you hire the right handyman for this job.

What should you do before hiring a 24hrs Air-con Service?

So, what steps should you take? The first is to check if your air conditioning unit is under warranty. Most people tend to forget that their cooling units are under warranty for a specific period of time. If it’s under warranty, call the company you purchased it from and they will send over their repairman for servicing. Sometimes, problems might begin with the piping, if that’s the case our Handyman Singapore Plumbing Services will definitely come in handy.

If not, you will need to hire our air-con handyman for your air conditioning repairs. Do not hesitate in informing us the problems you are facing over the phone (vibration sounds from the air-con or even smoke).

Another thing you need to know is that we carry proper insurance, so that you won’t be held liable in the event we get injured in your home. Our handyman will always respond positively to your request for referrals and will give you a few names of clients they have successfully worked with in the past.

Trust us, we are the kind of people you would want to be working with! Once you find someone who is able to handle your air-con problems, obtain a quote before the repairs begin.

So in a nutshell:

  • Check if your aircon have warranty and if there is, call your supplier or manufacturer to fix it for you
  • Ensuring that our handyman have the necessary qualifications and insurances
  • Get a quote before commencing any work to avoid disputes

This way, you will be able to know where the prices are coming from and stay safe in case the handyman takes longer than mentioned in the agreement. Just make sure you read everything before signing anything. Then, sit back, relax and watch as our professional handyman will repair your air conditioning!

24hrs Aircon Repair