Why choose our 24-Hour Locksmith Services

Out of all the trade professionals in Singapore who can come to you during the night, the man or woman offering 24-hour locksmith services is probably going to be your best friend. Especially during the sopping wet months of the year in Singapore, if you’ve locked yourself out of your house or your car in the middle of the night, you need us Handyman Singapore 24hrs Locksmith to help you out fast.

Digital vs. Physical Locks

In Singapore, most of condominiums’ keys are being made into digital keys. That is to say, they don’t fit into a keyhole and line up tumblers into the proper position so a door or lid can open. Rather, they send a personalise, unique radio signal that instructs the door to unlock itself, allowing for keyless entry.

Many people think that these are driving physical keys to extinction, and that the locksmith — especially those who do their business by offering 24-hour locksmith services — are headed the way of the dinosaur. But, this is not true — physical keys will be sticking around, and so you should make sure you keep your locksmith too.

Your Locksmith — Someone You Can Trust

If you are in need of a locksmith, the primary thing to look for first — even before pricing — is TRUST. A locksmith’s entire job is to break into various locks, from outside your house, to your car, to your safe deposit box, etc. They also provide duplicate keys, tell clients about new protective technology, and replace and repair locks. Essentially, in a world where we rely on locks for our protection, the locksmith knows all of our defences.

So how do you find a locksmith that you can trust in Singapore? First, make sure they’re certified and licensed. If they can’t provide even this basic level of trustworthiness, you don’t want to entrust them with the keys to the kingdom. Second, look at reviews and reputation. The internet makes it very easy for you to see what other customers think of this man or woman, and if any of their things have been going missing lately.

Emergency Locksmiths

This adds a whole new element to the need to find someone offering good 24-hour locksmith services. It can be difficult, when you’re locked out of your house at 2 AM, to do proper research on who is good, trustable, and affordable. So, it makes a logical sense to talk to us now. We Handyman Singapore offer 24-hours emergency locksmith services in Singapore.

Car Locksmith

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