Why choose our 24-Hour Plumbing Services?

It’s 3am in the morning, and you stumble into the bathroom. You take care of business, and flush the toilet, ready to head back to bed until you notice that the toilet is starting to overflow. One hour and two plungers later, you realize that you need to call a plumber!!

In Singapore, finding a good plumber is hard; finding a good plumber who offers 24-hour plumbing services is even harder. Therefore, Handyman Singapore is here to help and our plumbers services are licensed.

First, it’s important to stress out, unless you have actual training as a plumber or the solution is very simple, you should not attempt to fix this yourself. Amateur attempts — especially by amateurs who have just woken up and are not fully aware of what’s going on around them — are likely to be ineffective, if not counterproductive. And, left on its own, such plumbing problems can lead to serious property damage, meaning even more expensive repairs to your home.

A Simple 24hr Plumbing Solution?

So what counts as a simple solution? If you need a plumber, then you can’t tell what is wrong, and if you can’t tell what’s wrong then you can’t know whether or not it’s simple, right? Not necessarily. There’s a basic checklist of things you can go over to determine whether or not you can do something yourself, or you need to call us on 24-hour plumbing services.

Before you call us, take a quick look to see if one of the following things is the problem:

You may have other problem areas in your house that you know can cause trouble, and that you’ve learned from experience to fix. Even if you can get it to hold until regular work hours, this may be worth the time and trouble so that you don’t have to go into 24-hour plumbing services to save money.

The Price

Finally, you have to look at the fee. Most plumbers will charge an hourly rate, and most of the time customers will go for the person with the lowest of these rates. This, however, can be a mistake — often, plumbers charging less per hour do so because they have less experience.
This is generally bad, but it’s especially problematic if your pipes have broken down in the middle of the night. At these times, these sorts of plumbers may raise their fees for offering these 24-hour plumbing services, or you may simply be too tired to give cogent answers to their questions. An expert plumber knows these things, but a new one doesn’t.

If you do find someone with a low rate who has this experience, however, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Overall, this apply to identifying the problem that you can’t rectify — and either fixing it or finding someone who can, depending on what’s the problem you face. If you need to hire us Handyman Singapore (within Singapore), we will make sure you choose the right plumber with reliable services, and we offers 24-hour plumbing services. It won’t just help you this time, but you’ll be able to have someone to rely on in future.

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