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While general carpentry focuses on building structures, frames, etc., custom carpentry has a much subtler touch. Custom carpentry focuses on creating spaces and objects that are smaller and more decorative, finishing off the accents of a room. And, since it focuses so much on subtle attention to detail and an eye for design, it is very difficult to do custom carpentry as an amateur. No, you’ll need to ask yourself if you do need custom carpentry, and if so, look into how to go about getting it done.

What is Custom Carpentry?

Specifically, custom carpentry is a very specific, specialized area of woodworking that requires different knowledges and skills than does general carpentry. Custom carpentry actually involves a number of discrete skill sets: finish carpentry (the moldings on doors and walls, among other things), and cabinet making, to name but two. Custom carpentry also includes “built-ins,” things like cabinets and wall ornamentation.

Overall custom carpentry is designed to improve the overall living conditions of the client, and to enrich their daily lives by enhancing their living space. As humans, we are very affected by our surroundings, custom carpentry can make the difference between a space that bogs us down and a space that lifts us up.

Custom carpentry is the ability to make this miracle happen.

When is Custom Carpentry Necessary?

…or, for that matter, desirable?

Well, one thing that is always present in the back of a home owner’s mind is the question “how much money can I get for my house? How much is it worth on the market? Is it worth more than I paid for it?” Custom carpentry is excellent for making sure that a house’s value is as high as possible. Some possible projects you might want to undertake include:

  • Improving a room’s overall look and feel through adding decorative moldings
  • Creating more storage space while simultaneously increasing the peaceful look of the room it’s in via built-ins
  • For those who have home offices (or even those who just want to divide their rooms into spaces), creating separate sub-spaces within a larger room
  • Tailoring your home to your individual tastes by replacing the “came-with-the-house” cabinets with custom-built ones
  • Building anything you could possibly desire, but that you can’t seem to find in stores anywhere

These are just a few of the reasons why you might be interested in this special type of carpentry — if you think about it, you may well come up with some of your own!

We offer professional custom carpentry in Singapore, please contact us for more details.

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