Does your door handle require repair?

We all hate having trouble with the doors not properly closing, jamming, or opening on their own, squeaking, but another problem that can also cause some inconvenience is a loose door handle. Door handles can become loose over time and this makes them difficult to turn and unlatch. The door handle should always return to the horizontal position, but if it doesn’t, it’s time for a door handle repair. Besides the decreased functionality of the broken door handle, it also looks kind of sad just hanging there, doesn’t it?

If your door handle or handles are misbehaving, maybe you have thought of replacing them with a new set, but there’s usually no need to do that. Most of the time, door handles can be easily repaired, especially with the help of your trusted handyman in Singapore.

Why choose our door handle repair Handyman?

Although there are many types of door handles as well as knobs in Singapore, we have a team of highly trained professionals in Singapore who are capable of fixing any problem you might have with any part of any door. If you’ve never taken off and disassembled a door handle to try to repair it, it can seem a little complicated, but for those situations, we are there to lend a helping hand! We will not only help repair your door but would have also save you precious time that you would’ve spent if you’d tried to fix it yourself. In addition to this, having your handyman repair your door handles will also save you money you would have to spend to buy new handles in Singapore.

By deciding for a door handle repair instead of door handle replacement, you will also avoid additional problems, such as purchasing a handle that doesn’t match the previous one and that doesn’t have the screw holes in the same positions; having to drill new holes in your door, and having to do another paint job on the door if the new handle plate doesn’t cover up the position of your old handle plate. It is also good for the environment because you’re not only saving your hard earned money, you are also saving the planet’s resources by expanding the lifespan of the finished product, instead of buying a new one each time there’s the slightest issue with the old one.

What are the most common door handle issues?

Now, the most common issues with door handles are caused by broken spring in one side or both sides of the door. A broken spring will cause the door handle to not return to the horizontal position but stay on the downside. When the spring is broken, it needs to be replaced. If you have the right tools and some skills, this can be a fairly easy repair. The tool you need is a pair of external circlip pliers, and all our employees in Singapore are well equipped and skilled to finish the job in a short notice and with no mess left behind that you won’t even notice they were there. In addition to express service, we provide door handle repair services at the most competitive prices in Singapore.

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