What are door hinges and do I need a repair?

Door hinges are the almost invisible but crucial part of every door regardless of the different types of doors in Singapore HDB flats or properties. In other words, if you have a door and you want to be able to open and close it, hinges have to be in place. The hinges are the connection between the door itself and the door frame or jamb. If the door isn’t opening or closing the way it should, then maybe there’s a problem with the hinges and you will need a door hinge repair.

The problems that can occur with hinges are usually quite simple, and most of the time, it’s loosening of the hinges or enlargement of the screw holes so that the screws holding the hinge and the door in place become loose or even fall out. This can happen if the door is constantly exposed to a strong force, if you have kids that like to hang from door handles or doorknobs. The hinge screws can also just become loose after years of use.

What are the signs that I need a door hinge repair?

The signs you might need a door hinge repair could include the door sticking, binding, or scraping the floor, as well as the door falling off, which is the final stage. If you didn’t notice the problem until then, what more sign do you need to acknowledge you need a door hinge repair? However serious or insignificant the problem, you can always call your handyman. Our workers in Singapore are always on the move and we can send help almost immediately after we have received a call. We have only experienced professionals working for us in Singapore in order to ensure the best possible quality of work they will do in your home.

Can I do the door hinge repair myself?

Many people want to save some money by doing the work around the house themselves, but the problems can sometimes get too big, especially if you have no experience or guidance to how things need to be done. If at any time you feel frustrated and give in, we will be there to help! We can help with any door hinge repair and you will surely be satisfied with our work.

The thing you can probably do yourself if your door gets jammed is check whether the door hinge screws have become loose. The way to test this is to grab the open door by the lock edge and try to move it up and down. If you succeed to move the door, the hinge screws have become loose. If so, you will need to tighten them with a screwdriver, and with any luck, this will be the end of your suffering. Your door will be good as new in no time!

On the other hand, if you didn’t react as soon as the problem occurred, and if the hinge screws have been loose for a while, the screw holes might have grown and you won’t be able to just tighten the screws. This requires a slightly bigger door hinge repair. What needs to be done is repair the screw holes. There are a few ways to fix enlarged screw holes, and sometimes this can even be done without removing the door.

We would recommend removing the door for a clean and neat job. One way to fix the screw holes is to fill them with some new wood and then drill new holes or just simply pop us a call to do the rest!

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