Singapore door locks repair specialist

Door locks are a crucial part of your door because they are the number one safety feature in Singapore. Having modern and functional locks keeps intruders away and keeps you and your belongings safe. If your door has already suffered a forced entry, you might need a new door lock mechanism, but in many cases you can keep the old one and simply get it repaired.

Is repairing door locks cheap?

Reparation of the door lock is much cheaper than replacing the old door locks with a new one. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to repair the door locks due to the lack of spare parts for the locking mechanism, especially for older designs in Singapore. In these situations, changing the mechanism is the only alternative.

When you need a door lock repair, especially in cases of emergency, we would like you to provide clear answers to some questions so that we could ensure a successful and quick intervention. The questions are the following:

  1. What material is the door made of (metal, steel, wood)?
  2. What is the type of door lock (Deadbolts, Knob Locks, Lever Handle Locks, Cam Locks, Rim/Mortise Locks, Euro Profile Cylinders, Wall Mounted Locks, Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders, Furniture Locks, Vending/T-Handle Locks, Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, Rim Latch Locks, Key In Knob Cylinders, Other Locks)?
  3. Can you describe the type of door handles and door lock rod clips (“crab system”)?
  4. What’s the number of door lock beams in the body of the door lock, and the number of half-turns of the key?
  5. What’s the door lock brand (you can read this on the keyhole bracket or on the head of the key)?

If you can’t answer some of these questions, we will easily determine the facts ourselves when we get on the site. Signs you might need a door lock repair are: difficult insertion of the key, loss of the key, cracked lock, need to acquire a better cylinder, and other.

What are the process of replacing door locks?

The process of replacing the lock takes about 10 minutes and requires some skill and knowledge: The main rule is a clear selection of the length of cylinder cartridge for the door lock and its resistance to breakage. When breaking in, the burglars usually break half of the cylinder, or just push the cylinder inwards, causing it to become impossible to repair.

To increase the level of security of your home, when repairing the door lock, you should also install an unbreakable cylinder. In case the lock is blocked the door needs to be disassembled before replacing the cylinder. There are some nuances between steel and wooden doors, due to a different secrecy mechanism of lock and the types of locks.

What kind of door lock repair do we do?

We can perform door lock repairs on all types of doors in Singapore: steel doors made by different manufacturers and with different designs (including the installation of the locks with a secret panel and a biometric panel), entrance, and garage doors, wooden doors, as well as PVC doors.

You can find a number of different locks on the market in Singapore:  simple and not very expensive ones, clever ones and the useless locks. That’s another reason to call our professional handyman repair or update your door lock mechanism in Singapore.

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