Why choose our door locksmiths?

Door Locksmiths requires technical knowledge, whether if its learned from training courses, an engineering diploma or from correcting his or her own mistakes in Singapore. The best way to avoid door lock problems in Singapore is to not let them arise in the first place. This is a hard task to do without contacting experts though it saves a lot of money and the embarrassment of callbacks. At Handyman Singapore, our pool of locksmith are all equipped with sound technical knowledge with professional service to ensure that your doors are serviced in a right manner.

What are some common door lock problems?

A common problem is when the latch bolt will not deadlock. This problem is caused by the deadlocking latch going into the strike. That happens when the strike is either out of line or the gap between the door and the jamb is too much. Realigning the strike or shimming the strike out towards the correct flat are of the latch bolt. Another problem can be if the key is worn and doesn’t activate the knob or latch bolt. If the key is worn or bent, the locking mechanism will not operate properly. Spraying powdered graphite into the keyway is helpful is the key is worn. The usage of petroleum products is forbidden.  The lockets of some door can be loose and that can be fixed by tightening the escutcheon screws evenly.

Almost everyone has experienced a key that broke the lock in Singapore. That problem can be fixed by removing the cylinder from the lock, inserting a wire or a long pin into the back end of the cylinder. Moving it back and forth until the broken key stub is forced out through the front part of the cylinder. Before reinstalling, the cylinder should be cleaned with ethyl acetate and lubricated with graphite.

What kinds of door locks should I buy?

The quality of the lockets is very important. The best ones are equipped with a deadlocking plunger on the latch bolt. In any other way, the bolt could be retracted with a strip of celluloid or a knife blade. It is very important to leave a very little space between the door edge and the strike plate. If necessary, mounting the strike plate over a steel spacer will do the job because this moves the strike plate closer to the bolt. The lip length is also critical since a short lip will increase the wearing on the latch bolt and may foil the automatic door close mechanism, which will leave the door unlatched. The mortise strike plates are made to be mounted on the same vertical centerline as the bolt should be. Measuring the distance from the centerline of the latch bolt to the jamb edge and adding 1⁄8 inch for flat strike plate and ¼ inch for the curved types.

Changing the lock and reinforcement door kits can provide an extra measure of security for door locks. No matter if the door is new or old, these methods provide the ultimate security protection for the lock and the area around the locking unit. Picking a good door lock is an ability that every our locksmith in Singapore have since this is the main job that should be done before he or she begins to work on the lock. A good and experienced door locksmith will always be of good use.

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