Why hire our door window repair handyman?

We understand that a broken door window is one big mess and a potential hazard in Singapore, especially if you have small children or pets in the house. That’s one of the reasons we have our workers alert at all times. Depending on what caused the breakage and the door that is damaged, we will ensure proper reaction to minimize any further damage or inconvenience. Our handyman door repair specialist in Singapore will solve your problem!

For example, if it’s your front door and the damage is severe, we will react immediately. A timely response can be crucial in these situations to prevent further damage and attacks against you and your family. We will also make sure to restore the aesthetical properties of your door and your house as a whole. This is especially important if you’ve had a break-in. In these cases, we will also suggest that you allow us to replace the old glass with some reinforced glass, and maybe even some additional metal bars for more protection.

If the damage is caused by children playing in the backyard or inside the house, we will also act professionally and perform all the necessary steps to repair your door window.

Other reasons for getting a door window repaired or replaced can include reducing the outside noise, aesthetic reasons, easier cleaning and maintenance, increased durability and UV protection  especially in hot climates like Singapore.

How do I repair a broken door window?

To properly and safely repair a broken door window, we will take all the necessary precautions to decrease the chance of injury and deal with the issue step by step. In the end, the result will be more than satisfying.

The first thing that needs to be done when there’s broken glass around is, of course, to clean it up. The repair will be easier to perform if the door is taken off the hinges and laid flat on the ground or the work area. You need to remove the broken glass from the door frame and dispose of it safely. To get all the residue out of the way, use a vacuum cleaner, too.

The next step is removing the old caulk out of the door frame. The tool you will need for this is a putty knife, and you may also need a heat gun. Clean up the surface with a metal brush. Once you have done all the necessary measuring, you need a perfectly cut piece of glass. If you hire professionals, they will take care of everything for you.  In the end, the new glass needs to be put into the door frame and reinforced with a glazing compound. The final step is returning the door into the frame.

When repairing old glass door windows, we like to replace them with the new and more durable safety glass. That’s why we see  your door window repairs as opportunities!

Door Window Repair
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