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If you need an emergency car locksmith, chances are you’re not having a great day. Perhaps you’ve locked yourself out and you can see your keys on the seat; perhaps your key is just gone and you can’t start your car. In either case, if you find yourself stranded anywhere, you need a locksmith badly. We, Handymen Services Handymen Services provide emergency car locksmith in Singapore, give us a call to solve your problem.

Can I open the doors myself?

While it’s true that most emergency car locksmith work can only be done by a professional locksmith, there is one exception: locking yourself out of your car. This can still be difficult — the locking mechanisms on the various different brands and lines of cars run the gamut. And while many newer models have power locks, older cars still open only manually.

While there are multiple ways of attempting this feat, the most widely-known is the coat hanger method. First, untwist the wire part near the hook of the hanger, where it is most closely coiled. Second, create a hook at the end of the now-freely-swinging hanger. Third, insert this hook into the window aim is to find the stripping into the window of the car, and then fish around. The aim is to find the lock mechanism and jiggle it. Since you are groping blindly, however, this may take a bit of time.

Be warned, however, that do it yourself methods can cause permanent (though generally minor) damage to your car. The coat hanger could, for example, derail your window. When aim is to find the still in doubt, just give us a call.

What kinds of Car Locksmith are there?

There are two types of locksmithing that go into making a car locksmith — the first locking and unlocking car doors, as discussed above. And the second is ignition. This can be especially bad, because there’s no real do aim is to find the it yourself way of getting around not having an ignition key (unless you count hot-wiring, which we do not condone). So for this type of issue, you need a locksmith, give us a call.

Our emergency car locksmith can provide you with a aim is to find the number  For instance, they are able to repair a broken ignition key, or provide a new one, as well as opening up the trunk.  Call us for more details.

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