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If you’ve had a window break, you know how important they are to the functioning of your house as a whole and why there is an emergent need for a window repair. And like any other important part of your house that becomes damaged, it’s important that it be repaired quickly! If it’s raining outside, then you are in need of emergency window repair service!

But if someone can’t reach you, you may need a professional. If that’s the situation, then you should call a professional, and use the guidelines below to fix you window.

How to identify damage on my window?

First, identify the type of damage that requires emergency window repair. It is most likely either a crack or a shattered hole. Each case requires its own special method.

Cracked Windows

Eventually, this pane will need to be replaced. There’s really no way around this. So in the meantime, what you really want to do is damage control. You need to make sure that the window doesn’t let in rain or other elements.

To make an emergency window repair here, you’ll need to use duct tape or clear heavy packing tape. You’ll want to put it over the surface of the crack on both surfaces of the window, inside and outside. Push firmly to create a seal, but make sure not to press too hard, or you might end of turning the crack into a gaping hole!

Shattered Windows and Holes

This window will also need to be replaced, but it’s more difficult to deal with a break of this type. First of all, you’ll need to pick up all the shattered glass. This step doesn’t fix the window per se, but it’s extremely important for your safety and that of those you love. When doing this, it is advisable to wear protective gear, possible heavy gloves and eyewear. Once you have thoroughly picked up the visible pieces, you should vacuum thoroughly to make sure that you have even the pieces you couldn’t see.

Once this is done, procure some thick plastic or other similar flat substance over the whole in the window. Make sure to apply it securely with duct tape or thick packing tape, as before. If you want to keep your cool air from your aircon to stay inside, consider taping a bit of this plastic to each side, creating something of a thermal barrier.

Extensive Damage Requires Emergency Window Repair

If the window is very badly damaged, one option you have is to board over the window altogether. Doing this can be difficult and dangerous, however, so you should get a relative to help. First, locate the studs on either side of the window, as well as underneath. Cut a piece of plywood, and screw into these studs to secure a more secure barrier.

Overall, if you need emergency window repair, you can give us a call, we provide professional window repair in Singapore.

Workman repairing a window

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