Why do I require aircon filter cleaning in Singapore?

While air conditioners are an integral part of many homes in Singapore, the air filters are important for keeping the atmosphere of your house cool and clean. The primary function of these filters is to keep dust out of the home and protect the radiator of your AC’s indoor unit from dirt and dust. Hence, keeping the air conditioner filter clean is important because it will not only affect the health of your family, but also the performance of the system.

What are some the benefits of doing aircon cleaning?

If you haven’t cleaned the filters for some time now, hire an aircon filter cleaning service immediately. Although you can do this task on your own, to ensure your air conditioning unit works properly, it’s imperative you have a professional on hand to clean your air filters the right way. By getting your air conditioner filters cleaned on a regular basis, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions

Clogged and dirty air conditioner filters will lower the energy efficiency of your AC unit considerably as it pulls more energy while delivering less cooling than usual. As a result, the energy wasted pollutes the environment and adds to the ever-increasing carbon emissions, which further worsens the problem of global warming. With timely aircon filter cleaning, you can reduce this imbalance and play your part in protecting the environment.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning your air conditioner filters translates into fresher and cleaner indoor air. This therefore, reduces the occurrence and incidence of breathing and lung disorders, such as allergies, asthma and other related illnesses. The quality of air in your home plays a crucial role in respiratory health, a study reveals. By keeping your air conditioner filters dust-free and clean, you can help improve indoor air quality, which in turn keeps your home free from all sorts of allergens.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Regular aircon filter cleaning will improve the energy efficiency of your AC unit and speed up the cooling process a great deal. This reduces the need to keep your air conditioner on for prolonged periods, and helps in reducing monthly electricity bills. So, not only do you get to save on power, but also on the maintenance of the air conditioner.

  • Extended AC Life

Cleaning your air conditioner filters allows you to extend the life of your AC unit. When the filters are clogged and dirty, the added strain on your system causes the motor to become overheated. And as you probably may know, when this happens, the risk of the motor burning out increases considerably. To maximize the useful life of your AC, you need to change the filters from time to time and keep the new filters you install clean.

As you can see, keeping the air conditioner filters clean is extremely important, and can offer a number of benefits. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your air filters, contact a reliable aircon filter cleaning service and let the professionals handle it for you!

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