Our Ideal Housekeeping Services in Singapore

A clean house is a safe house! Take time, at least once a year to do housekeeping for your entire house. Make a schedule of all the tasks and things you need to clean and go! However if you are short of time to housekeep your house in Singapore, our housekeeping experts can provide the following for you:

  • Cleaning glasses and windows:

For lightly dirty or stained windows, we use 4 tablespoons of lemon juice in a lace of water, this always works on oily handprints. Our cleaners can leave a waxy, clear “polish”. We will wash the glass with an all-purpose cleaner, in order to remove the polish, before we decide to use the lemon homebrew. Windows that are not being cleaned often with baked-on soil can require cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner first.

  • Cleaning bathrooms:

There are all-purpose cleaners that work just as good as specialized ones. It is futile to you a disinfectant in an unsterile surrounding. A disinfectant can actually make more resistant germs. You can remove mildew with water and borax. Bathroom cleaners may contain bleach, be careful and don’t mix them with any other cleaners. They contain numerous chemicals that are dangerous to inhale.

  • Drain opener:

Use a drain strainer to prevent clogs, hair and food particles. Regularly pour 1/2 cup white vinegar and a cup of baking soda down the drainpipe to keep drains clear. Plumber’s flexible snake or a plunger can be used to dislodge a serious clog. If you get in contact with some commercial drain cleaner, it may cause severe skin and eye damage or even blindness. They can be fatal if swallowed!

  • Furniture:

Waxes and oils don’t penetrate most wooden finishes that are developed after the First World War Add a little all-purpose cleaner to water for an especially dirty furniture. Make sure to dry with a soft towel. Original/antique furniture should be dusted regularly and apply once or twice a year a beeswax product. A lot of the furniture polishes are very harmful or even fatal if they are swallowed and create fumes that can also harm you. They often contain hazardous ingredients.

  • Scouring cleaners:

The most environmentally-friendly scouring cleanser is considered to be Bon Ami though many sources suggest that baking soda is also an effective cleanser. For scent, into a box of baking soda, stir 10 drops of essential oil. Do not mix scouring powders with ammonia, because most of them contain chlorine!

Following those steps, you will turn your home beautiful and clean again! However if you are so caught up with your life and feel so busy with your schedule, give us a call and our cleaning experts in Singapore will arrive in a jiffy!

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