Your Reliable Interior painting services 

Are you looking to hire an interior painter given that there are so many painting services available in Singapore? Interior painting can effectively and quickly enhance the look and feel of your home while proving time and cost effective. However, to ensure you get the high quality work you seek, it is extremely important to hire the right service for the job. Or looking at other services for your new house projects?

Here are some key points you should consider when hiring an interior painter in Singapore:

  • Preparation for Paint

A good paint job starts with a good foundation, which means paint preparation. If done correctly, your paint will last a long time to come. But if it is done incorrectly, even the best paints will chip, crack or peel easily. Therefore, ask your handyman if there are any repairs that need to be done before they start your interior paint project. Also, make sure you clean dirty walls, especially near the sink and stove. Soap scum and greasy deposits can affect the adhesion of the paint.

  • Talk about Extra Costs

Most interior painters do not include removing heavy furniture in their estimates. After all, they are just moving it from one place to another. However, if you cannot do it, don’t forget to ask them if there would be any extra cost. Moreover, getting walls/ceilings, crown molding or baseboards painted which are higher than 8 feet can also add up to the cost of the interior paint job.

  • Check for Lead Paint

If your home was built in the 1970s, chances are it was painted using lead-based paint. As you probably may know, these paints are extremely harmful and can cause some serious illnesses. So, hire a lead expert to check for lead paint before the work begins. Besides, you would want to let your interior painter know beforehand if you need any removal work done.

  • Choose a Paint Colorshutterstock_361213526

Taking into account the perceived space of your rooms, choose a paint color that suits your needs and liking. White and other lighter colors open up the space, whereas darker colors make a room look smaller. You can test a particular paint color by purchasing a small can of it, and applying it on a small portion of the wall. Don’t just get bigger cans right away! If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, sticking with neutral colors is your best bet.

  • Get Everything in Writing

Last, but not the least, when hiring an interior painter, make sure you get everything in writing. Good interior painters will have a contract ready to be signed by you, which would include details about what will be done and the products that need to be used, such as brand of paint, surface preparation and priming. Additionally, the contract will also include the number of coats that will be done on your walls. Not to mention, you can hold the handyman to the quote they provided initially.

So, when looking for an interior painter, keep the aforementioned points in mind. Rest assured, you will be able to hire the right person for the job and get the best value for your money.

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