How do I maintain my roller doors?

Roller doors are commonly found in the houses of Singapore. They consist of horizontal slats or bars hinged together and these get raised and lowered to open and close the door. On some larger roller doors, such as for example garage doors, this action can be motorized. Roller doors offer great protection against vandalism and burglary, as well as bad weather conditions, including heavy wind and rain in Singapore.

Roller doors can protect and serve you for a number of years, but you need to conduct regular maintenance. This type of door offers protection, but this means that it is exposed to all the elements. The wind, rain, vandalism, as well as burglary attempts, can all cause damage to your roller door and then you will need to have it repaired in order to maintain the high level of security.

Besides the physical damage that can be caused by the outside factors, another factor that puts a strain on your roller door is the frequency of use. A garage door rolls up and down over a thousand times a year. When something is used as often, it’s normal to expect that some parts will get worn out or broken.

If you behave responsibly regarding your roller door, it will provide you a sense of security and convenience, and any repairs you will need to make will be minimal. On the other hand, if you don’t do any maintenance, your roller door can become so loud that you’ll turn all your neighbors into your enemies. The door can also pose a safety threat for you and your kids. If you notice any signs of malfunction, get your roller door repaired as soon as possible to avoid future damage or injuries.

What other roller door information I will need to take note?

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the technology is advancing and becoming safer every day in Singapore. If you have an older type of garage door that has no photoelectric eyes installed, we would highly recommend this upgrade. This gadget detects any movement above the floor and reverses the closing doors. This is a very important safety feature, especially if you have small children or pets.

Another safety feature that is a must have is a containment cable. This cable is designed to stop the recoil in case of breakage of the extension spring. This can save not only your car from getting smashed or other accidents from happening, but it can also save you from serious injuries.

How do I attempt a repair on the roller door?

When attempting a roller door repair, you need to take some precautions. The automatic door opener needs to be unplugged, and if the door is open while you are repairing it, keep the roller from dropping by blocking it with a pair of pliers. You must never remove a lift cable while the spring is under tension. Another thing you should never do yourself but leave it only to trained professionals is trying to adjust or release the tension on the torsion spring.

If you call us to repair your roller door, we will carefully inspect all the components, make any necessary repairs and replace the parts that are worn our, and we will also lubricate the mechanics to make sure everything runs smoothly and with no squeaky noises. We will also clean all the parts and do any paint job that needs to be done to make your door look and work even better than it did when you first installed it.

Having said that with all the steps that we have mentioned above, if you are still clueless on what you might need to do, give us a call now!

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