How do I know when I need a Screen Door Repair?

Another commonly found doors in Singapore. If your screen door just isn’t sliding the way it should, the simplest problem that could be the cause of this is a dirty track or dirty rollers. To prevent this from happening, spend some time on routine maintenance to keep the track and rollers clean. Another common issue with the screen door is the screen getting torn up or damaged. The majority of screens are made of a light aluminum frame and a screening material made of fiberglass that is stretched over the frame. Fiberglass is considered a good solution because it’s not expensive, but on the other hand, it’s rather easy to make a hole in it. Luckily, our handyman in Singapore can deal with it in no time and repair your screen door at the best price possible.

How can I perform a screen door repair?

When performing a screen door repair, the first thing you will need to do is get the door off. This may sound easy, but it actually requires some skill. If you don’t feel like you’re up to the task, or you just don’t have the time, feel free to call us anytime. We will send someone as soon as we receive the call and your screen door will be repaired in no time.

If the problem is caused by broken or worn out wheels, we can perform this repair in less than an hour. This is because we have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals in Singapore that really love what they do and love helping people enjoy all the benefits of modern life. We will replace the broken wheels and inspect the track and the frame to make sure everything will function properly again, just like when your door was new.

When there’s damage to the screen itself, this will also require removing the door, disassembling it, replacing the screen, assembling the door again and putting it back in position. These steps seem very logical and it sounds as though anyone could do it, but there are more parts to screen door than you think so if you’re not familiar with them, you should call our handyman in Singapore to repair your screen door.

The third common problem with screen doors is a bent frame. A bent frame is another minor repair that simply requires straightening the track with a pair of pliers or by gently hitting it with a hammer. A somewhat more serious screen door repair is needed when your door suffers strong wind and the retaining bracket gets ripped out of the door jamb. This will require a new paint job, some carpentry skills, and installing a heavy-duty wind chain to prevent this damage from happening again.

Whatever problem you might have with your screen door, give us a call, we can surely repair it!

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