When do I need a sink repair?

There are only a few reasons for changing out the drain pipes under a kitchen sink. The most common problem in Singapore context is during a kitchen renovation when the sink is being replaced. If a home owner needs to install sink plumbing quick, Handyman will get it done. It is fairly easy to use just to call Handyman or click call to action button. Our service adviser will able to proposed Handyman whom are suitable for the job and are available.

The Home Owner simply needs to informed or upload his problem by taking a picture of his problem along with his personal information and location so that Handyman can allocate available handyman available near his location with that job description.

You then decide whether to go ahead with the repair after a short chat on details with the assigned handyman about the repair to the assigned handyman brief you in details of the solutions he will offer. When you have decided, Handyman will send the assigned Handyman to your doorstep and get your sink plumbing done.

How so I choose a handyman for my sink plumbing repair?

If you need sink plumbing services your handyman should know how to install a sink drain. In older homes the sink is not likely to be as deep as they are now so retrofitting may be necessary for the contractor to do. If you have a deep sink it may require a lowering the drain height to make them fit.

If you bought a new sink and the existing drain is not low enough to accommodate the new sink depth it may be necessary to open the wall and lower the sanitary tee in the wall. After installing the sink, a good contractor will measure the drain height again to ensure there is enough space. This height will allow plenty of room for deep sinks and a large garbage disposer. So make sure you get it right read the contractors profile before hiring.

A good plumber will know how to install the disposal and strainer of the sink. Moreover, he will know how to install the sink drain pipes also. A good plumbing contractor will leave you with no leaks and leave the Home Owner satisfied.

Choosing Handyman Singapore for Sink Plumbing

On the other hand if you choose to go with us, our Handyman also takes care of other repair and home improvement required. We managed our handyman by monitoring customer feedback and work history in order to provide experienced and reliable Handyman to our customer whom will use our services against when it is required. Therefore, we welcome customer feedback to have a continuous improvement process to improve Handyman’s services.

Handyman believes in giving you quality service and has experienced and reliable handyman to make sure that everything is done with a full effort and with the right attitude Homeowners and Contractors have an easy way of meeting at Handyman Singapore whenever and so easily.

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