Why choose our Tile Flooring Service?

When you decide to re-floor a room of your house in your flats, you will usually start thinking about what kind of flooring you want before you go about making any decisions on who to hire. If you are looking to get some tile flooring in any particular room in your house, it is best to hire the professionals, Handyman Singapore to do the work for you. It can be precise and time consuming, and to get the best tile flooring installation in Singapore, we are the best choice. But even if you know that you want tile floors, just what kind of tile do you choose from?

What are the different types of tiles?

There are a few different types of tile for your floors, and you will want to know exactly which ones you are going to want to choose from. One choice that you can look at is ceramic tile. This type of tile is manufactured from clay materials that get pushed into a mold and then shaped. You can either find porcelain or non porcelain ceramic tile. These are the two most common forms, though traditionally, ceramic tile is non porcelain. You can find this style either glazed or non-glazed. The glazed tile will have a shiny coating on it while the non-glazed will be more of a matte finish.

Another type of tile you can find is natural stone tile. This can include anything from granite, marble, limestone, or even slate. These rocks are quarried and later slabbed, finished, and cut to the size that the manufacturer wants. This type of flooring is usually very durable and will last for many years. You can find it in a few different types of finishes; natural, honed, or polished. If you have the rock tiles polished, they will really give off a shiny and glossy appearance, leading to a very classy look. Naturally finished stone tiles are rugged and are great at giving a very earthy look. They are usually quite dull in texture and appearance. The honed rock tiles are somewhere in between these too. They are buffed, but not entirely polished, leaving them the best types of tile for areas where there is a lot of heavy foot traffic, as they are best at handling moisture.

What are the work involved if I were to do tile installation myself?

Because there are a few different types of tile flooring options, you need to know just where you are looking to put the tile. If you are going to do the installation in a bathroom, commonly, you find the ceramic tiles, both porcelain and non porcelain. They are easy to clean and keep clean. For mudrooms or entryways, the rock tile is better because these tiles can take the heavy traffic flow and all of the mud and dirt that comes in from outside.

If you are looking to do some tile floor installation, it is a good idea to pick out exactly what kind of floors you want. Our professionals will be able to tell you what they think would work best, and by hiring us, you will be rest assured that your flooring is installed properly and without any errors in the process. When it is all done, you will be looking at a nice new tile floor.

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