Why choose our Toilet repair service?

Plumbing installation takes a lot of techniques so you need a plumbing installation expert to do that for you. A home owner can easily find a toilet plumbing installation contractor who will be an expert at Handymansg.net.

The rough-in for a toilet involves three different kinds of pipes. The water supply, usually formed from the 1/2-inch copper pipe, terminates at a shut-off valve under the tank. The waste line, which may be 3- or 4-inch PVC pipe, ties into the sewer via a vertical waste stack and connects to the toilet by means of a closet flange. In addition, the waste line must be vented by a 2-inch pipe that terminates outside. The configuration of these pipes depends on the location of the toilet relative to pre-existing plumbing and the construction of the house. An experienced contractor with a license would know that.

If you want to connect a new toilet to an existing stack, you only need the waste and supply lines installed. To do this, the toilet must be placed within 10 feet of the stack.An experienced contractor would know how to plan, prepare and completed it.

A configuration in which the waste line connects directly to the sewer will require venting for the waste line. The contractor must be able to tie the vent pipe to an existing one that already runs through the roof. Vent pipes must either slope upward away from the toilet or be horizontal.

Toilet plumbing can be complex, especially when there are obstructions, and if you get your pipes installed wrong, your toilet would not work properly. Consult a licensed plumber whenever you aren’t sure how to proceed. To do that so call Handyman Singapore.

Choosing Handyman Singapore for toilet repair service

A home owner needs to post a project mentioning that he needs toilet plumbing installation services needed and other information that is required at Handyman Singapore. After that, our Handyman will do your work with the best suitable experienced and qualified plumber near to your location. Through this, you can check the contractor’s profiles. After that, plumber will communicate with you directly to understand your requirements in order to make correct recommendation. These plumbers that are are licensed with Handyman Singapore.

Handyman is reliable and the services advice is without any obligation. Home owner just needs to call us or active call to action button and his worries will be fixed in no time. This Handymansg website is a great way to get your home improved in any way you want without going into the hustle of searching for someone who can do that for you.

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