Why engage our Car Locksmith?

Car models in Singapore these days can be secured with half a dozen locks and can be unlocked by our Car Locksmith. There are a few things you should know about opening that kind of vehicles.

Car opening can be a moneymaking part of any locksmith in Singapore. For some locksmiths, it’s the biggest source of income they have. To be able to offer a car-opening services, you only need a few not so expensive tools and some technical knowledge of course. The car-opening tool sets that are being sold through locksmithing supply houses may include around 40 or more tools. The variety is absolutely necessary because it’s very helpful and because of the constant lock-related changes made to new cars. Some tools are made specifically about a precise model or year of a car.

Any techniques to try before calling our Car Locksmith?

There are many good techniques that will let you quickly open most cars in Singapore. A locksmith that can open a lot of cars will tend to prefer certain techniques, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everything is okay, as long as it gets you quickly and professionally inside the car without damaging it. Parts that are used for reach opening a car include the lock button, a horizontal and vertical linkage rods and a bell crank. The bell crank is a lever that connects directly to a linkage rod that is connected to the latch or another linkage rod. Many locks are easy to pick open or impression. Using standard torque wrenches used for the deadbolt and key-in-knob locks don’t work that well when picking a car lock. By grinding the small end of a hex wrench, you can make a better torque wrench for cars. You can find other supplies at many home and hardware improvement stores to make your own car-opening tools. For that, you will need a flexible flat stock and bar stock of different sizes.

All else fails, just call our Car Locksmith

In any case, the most successful way of opening your locked car is by calling our professional locksmith. This way, if you are not sure in your technical knowledge and you don’t have the providing tools, avoid trying to unlock your car by yourself and wait for our locksmith that received your call. Like this, you can be assured that your car will be unlocked very quickly and without any damages on it.

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