Why choose our water heater services?

Get professional and experienced Handymen in Water Heater Plumbing, Handyman is will select the proper water heater to suit your family. Handyman is a local handyman service provider whom able to accommodate your request.

What kind of water services does Handyman Singapore provide?

Our water heater services include:

  • Brand new electric instant water heater installation
  • Brand new gas water heater installation
  • Repair of water heater leaks
  • Replacement of water heater
  • All pipe installations/repairs/remodels

Selection Process:

Handymansg experience plumber will able to calculate and evaluate which type of water heater is suitable your home and your budget too.

If you have a particular brand that you like to use, please inform our Handymansg adviser or our Handymansg Plumber in order for us to match your needs.

All water heater recommended by Handymansg comes with relevant authority approval and warranty.

Our service also comes with Handymansg’s workmanship guarantee.

Some guidelines for selection of different type of water heater:

Instant Water Heater Storage Water Heater Gas Water Heater
Source Uses electric to heat up water small storage Uses electric to heat up water storage tank Uses gas to heat up water without storage
Cost Lowest cost base on per bath per installation Highest cost

but based on number of bathroom

In between Storage and Instant electric water heater
Running Cost Highest running cost as each water heater consumed electric and cannot be shared with other bathroom Low running cost as one large storage tank can served a number of bathroom and insulated tank are able to store hot water for longer period Lowest running cost as gas is economical than electric but required installation of gas line.
Water Pressure Low water pressure Very high water pressure as pressure is maintain by storage tank Weak water pressure
Water Temp Median temperature High temperature Lowest temperature
Heater up time One minute and unable to maintain heat for longer period. One to Two minute depending on size of storage tank and able to maintain heat Instant but unable to maintain heat for long period

Handymansg is the market leading provider not only water heater but for other home improvement requirements, home repair and remodelling. Handymansg services help existing and new homeowners to facilitate the process to accomplish the home owner’s home repair, upgrading and new remodelling needs. Call Handymansg.net  now!

Through Handymansg services, you can accomplish your services with better efficiency and in real time. Handyman provides remodel, renovation, maintenance, management and “Before and after” images when the service is done. Handyman offers its services and provides gas plumbing services as well as the other various home improvement services it provides.

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