What do Commercial Locksmiths do?

Locksmiths gain entry into locked places by picking open or impressioning a lock. A skillful locksmith can gain entry through special techniques called Emergency Entry Procedures (EEPs). Although, you may rarely use EEPs, you have to know them to help make buildings more burglary resistant. Depending on your experience, you will know which tools and what techniques to use that work best for you.

Safe Locksmith

Going through windows (or also known as window entering) is relatively easy. A simple butter knife is usually successful since the latches of most windows are located between the upper and lower windows, by sliding a knife up the windows allows you to work open the latch. The area could be too narrow for a knife, shim or another device, so you will have to drill 1/16 inch hole at an angle through the wood molding to the base of the precise catch. Then you will have to insert a stiff wire, and push back the latch.

Filling cabinets, on the other hand, have locks in essentially the same position, the locking bar arrangement for the drawers will variegate. You should consider this in working on those locks. Sliding a thin strip of spring steel that is 1/8 inch thick into the keyway, and then you have to pull the bolt downward. This will be enough to unlock the lock. If there is a piece of metal or a pin in the lock and it’s blocking the access to the locking bolt, try using a piece of stiff wire with one end turned to 90°. After that, insert the wire between the cabinet face and the drawer, and force the bolt down with the wire. This method should allow you to open the drawers.

Desks that have locking drawers that are controlled from the center drawer can be opened in a few different ways, besides picking and drilling. Firstly, look underneath the desk to see what the locking mechanism for the specific drawers looks like. Take notice that the locking bar engages the desk by a downward and upward pressure, depending on the bolt style. By closing the desk drawer all the way will push the bolt into the locked position, and exactly there is the weakness of the desk’s security. Normally, the bolt needs to be pushed up from under the desk with hand, in order to open most of the drawers. The center drawer has its own unique lock.

Combination locks are used a lot in many offices and business places. All of them operate on the same principle – the rotation of the combination dial rotates the inner wheel pack. There are three of four wheels in a pack. Each one is programmed to align its gate with the bolt release mechanism after many degrees rotations. The low-priced locks have one weakness – their ease of manipulation. With some practice, a burglar can discriminate between the clicks as the wheels rotate. Once this is learned, opening the combination lock is a child’s play.

Trust the decision of the locksmith you hired or from Handyman Singapore, and purchase a combination lock that will secure the safety of your workplace.